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Going Blog Crazy!!!!!!!!
May 5, 2010, 11:12 am
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I have just been made to create a load of blogging sites to experiment with interfaces. I have to say its not somthing that is very intresting as its somthing that I have to do anyway with my various other projects.

I have to say as a avid online user of blogging sites and software I must say I love the flexibility with googles blogspot with editable HTML. Somthing that is very rare in the world of free online blogs.

How ever It did give me a chance to use Tumblr which I was wanting to try out for sometime just never got round to it.

A short list of the blogs that I have created today (please note I have only had little time to customize a few of these sites)





Having no access to any image editting software, I am really missing my Adobe suite. How ever I have managed to use to create my website banner. I have to say I am very impressed with this free online image editting tool, its entierly free which is stunning compared to the cost of photoshop (my student licence costing me near £500 for the suite)

I will only be updating the wordpress and may try the blogspot site aswell.


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