Trident Digital Village Project

Pre-Finding Content Online Session
May 10, 2010, 11:21 am
Filed under: Digital Trident Project
Tomorrow we’ll be looking at finding content online. As a prelude to that, and tie in with today’s session, I looked for the infomation online relating to the challenge of finding the following:
The blog of a Birmingham web design agency:
One of many creative web designing business based in Birmingham.
Two sources for local business news:
Birmingham Post is quite useful at finding related local business news.
Where to find local cinema listings:
Bing is the best online cinima listing search in my opinion, just search the film title and location and it will show you the times etc.
A guide to benefit entitlement:
Provides simple guides to follow and easy wizards that show you your entitlement easily.
A website for digital media events in Birmingham:
Here are a few webites that advertise media events in Birmingham.
Three ‘what’s on’ websites:
Some local whats on websites.
The names of three regular media/creative industries networking events/meet-ups:
Here are a list of a few media/networking events and meet-ups that can be useful.

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