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Collaborative Online Tools
May 13, 2010, 11:23 am
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Collaborative Online Tools:

Today we looked at a large number of on-line collaborative tools that are useful if you are working in a group. We looked a many appropriate tools that would be Ideal for the Trident Digital Village Project, in addition we also looked at other tools that would be less useful for this project however were good examples to how about for possible uses in the future. These Additional tools we used were:

Google Docs

Google Documents:

The first service we looked at was Google Docs, by far one of the most useful and well thought out application we looked at today.
The possibility to be able to all edit the same document in real time allows everyone to contribute to an article without any overlapping of information. Google Docs where we all can write informtion in document and especially on remote assistants with users and also design your own personal questionaire sheet allow several users can implement the structure by using remote assistants.

Not only can normal text documents be created but also things such as questionnaires that can be sent to a unlimited number of people and the results will be collected in a single spreadsheet. This would be an ideal feature to send digital questionnaires to the Trident residents in order for us to simply analyse the returned information.
We looked at a website called Bubbl. This is a brainstorming website where you can put your ideas into bubbles, you can collaborate with people all around the world using this service. The Bubbl website allows you to share ideas and implement the designs of your ideas. Businesses would get the most use out of this service.

pbworks We also looked at pbworks which is a wiki-based website used mainly by work and social organisations/clubs. We set up our own pbworks Wiki and an ‘about’ page, just to test the service. We looked at examples of workspaces, including the Twitter Fan Wiki workspace and the London Social Media Cafe workspace. The Twitter Fan Wiki is set up with many different links, showing different categories and linking users to the best Twitter posts relating to those categories. For example, the comedy category contains links to humourous Tweets. The London Social Media Cafe workspace has a link to the One Alfred Place website where the LSMC meetings are now held, and also contains other info, such as who is attending the event.
Voice Thread:
Voice Thread is an online conferencing site. It holds images documents and videos. It allows you to comment in real time with a mic or phone, text, audio or video files. This would be very useful if developing a product or media project such as film or music. It is also very useful for conferencing without actually having to meet up, with people in other countries for example.

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